What We Believe

We Believe In Making A Meaningful Difference Every Day.

This isn’t something that we do some of the time but all of the time… every day. Each of us must ask ourselves, “How can I make a difference?” Although there will be times when we can make a difference by doing grand things, most often it will be the little things we do that will make the biggest difference.

  • A little extra effort
  • A little extra time
  • A little extra help
  • A little extra change
  • A little extra thinking
  • A little extra planning
  • A little extra kindness

We believe in not just giving what is requested of us, but also in “intervention”. Every day we have the opportunity to intervene in the lives of our Verity team mates, our clients and our community. We can do this by first OBSERVING and LISTENING, ASKING THE RIGHT QUESTIONS and then TAKING THE APPROPRIATE ACTION. We can never fall into the trap of mindless and heartless work- we have been appointed to make a difference in the lives of everyone that is associated with Verity Bank.

We will never take for granted the small things that we can do every day to make a difference.

We Believe In Significance.

We believe that the course of our life is determined by...


Each has the potential to change the course of our life. Life does not consist of years lived, but of its usefulness. Our focus must be beyond ourselves. If we are giving, caring, serving, helping, encouraging, and adding value to others, you are living a useful life. THAT IS SIGNIFICANCE.

No one can reach significance without stretching. If we want to stretch from success to significance, we will have to stretch individually and collectively. No one ever achieved anything significant without becoming better as an individual first. And after we grow individually, we can then pave the way for significance as a group. It’s the only way one can become equal to the great challenge of making a real difference in our community.
Stretching doesn’t come naturally. We will need to work at it. Know this:

  1. Most people avoid stretching.
  2. Most people want to be motivated before stretching.
  3. Most people feel vulnerable when they stretch.
  4. Most people need affirmation to keep stretching.
  5. Most people don’t realize that the need to stretch never ends.
  6. Most people look back at stretching experiences as their finest hours.
  7. The few who stretch all their lives inspire future generations.

If we are ready to stretch, then we will discover, dedicate, and develop our potential. We will get out of your comfort zone and stay there. As we pursue significance in our life and company, we must keep these thoughts in mind:

  1. The journey to significance takes time.
  2. Success is usually the stepping stone to significance.
  3. Pursuing significance will take us out of our comfort zone.
  4. Once we taste significance, success will never satisfy us again.

People who go beyond themselves and their own goals, who desire significance, never rest on their laurels. Their quest is never done. No matter how much good we do, there are always opportunities for more.

We Believe In Empowering Others To Succeed.

We believe that it is our responsibility to empower others to succeed. We do this by giving of our time, talents, tools and the resources. Whether we are acting as a company, banker, a supervisor, or a co-worker we gain a tremendous amount of satisfaction when others succeed. Every day we must think and act beyond ourselves in order to empower others to succeed. We look for opportunities to contribute to the success of others.

We will do everything we can to assist a client in succeeding. Our very existence as a company depends on it. We celebrate milestone accomplishments with our clients because we believe that their success is our success.

We also celebrate the success of our team. When a team member or department reaches a goal or experiences a success we support and congratulate them. Also, supervisors accept their roles as “mentors” in the spirit of servant leadership. In doing so, they become a key ingredient to the success of their direct report(s). We believe in offering praise for a job well done and constructive criticism when there is room for improvement. We always maintain the self esteem of the team member when we coach and correct. We believe that often it isn’t what we say, but how we say it that can make all the difference in a successful relationship between a manager and the direct report. We truly care about each other, and our words and actions show it.

We Believe In Encouraging Others.

Serving others is a higher calling. The concept of serving in this day and age is rare. Many people believe that to serve is to be somehow, less of a person. At Verity Bank we believe that serving is a privilege. Serving others is the reason we exist at Verity Bank.

We not only serve but lead. Servant leadership may seem like a contradiction in terms, but in actuality, it is the perfect combination of humility and responsibility. We believe that we must serve others in the spirit of caring and giving, and in doing so we lead others by example. Servant leadership can only exist when our ego disappears. Our satisfaction comes from adding value to others and knowing that we are contributing in a significant way.

We believe that encouraging others is not something we have to do … it is something that we want to do. It is a key ingredient in creating an energized team that trusts and respects each other. Encouragement can be something as small as a smile, or possibly a few spoken words like “Great job!” or “You did it!” Encouragement can also be an in depth exchange between two people or groups of people during challenging times and circumstances. Whatever the case, we believe in building up rather than tearing down.

We Believe In Giving Generously.

Giving generously is something that we do in many ways. The most important way we give is by giving of ourselves. Our time and talents can be pivotal to the success of those we work with. Sometimes giving of ourselves will be challenging, but we choose to do it anyway.

We encourage involvement in worthy causes. It is important to us to choose the areas where we can make the biggest difference and focus on those to avoid spreading ourselves too thin or diluting our impact. We won’t choose philanthropic organizations based solely on what is popular or politically correct.

We believe wholeheartedly that to those who are given much, much is expected. When our company is successful we give back to the community. We do this because it is the right thing to do. We believe that not only does the receiver benefit from the gift, but the giver receives something that is even more worthwhile…. a knowing that we have truly made a difference!

We Believe In Growing And Improving.

The mere desire to grow and reach our potential isn’t enough to empower us to make a significant contribution in the world.  We need more:

  1. ATTITUDE- Knowing How to Feel
    A recent report on American Business stated that 94% of all Forbes 500 executives attributed their success more to attitude than to any other ingredient.  If we believe we can grow to our potential, then we will open the door to continual improvement.

  2. PRIORITIES- Knowing How to Choose
    No one can develop to their highest potential in every area of life; a jack of all trades is a master of none.  We need to make choices about where we will grow.  We will focus on our strengths.  The greatest leaders do only a few things exceptionally well.

  3. VISION- Knowing How to See
    Vision is seeing things as they should be and how they can be.  If our vision is born out of ethical desires, we will always be on track. Sometimes in order to stay on track we must give answers or make decisions that may not be popular, but we do this only when it serves the best interest of our shareholders, our clients, or our Verity team members.   

  4. DIRECTION- Knowing How to Begin
    Vision isn’t enough- it must be combined with venture.  It is not enough to stare up the steps; we must step up the stairs.  To move from desire to action, we must plan your first steps.  Then get going.

  5. CREATIVITY- Knowing How to Think
    Growth is a journey, and on any journey we will encounter unforeseen obstacles.  Our ability to be creative in overcoming these barriers will determine whether we succeed.

  6. RESPONSIBILITIES- Knowing How to Finish
    Growth does not come easily.  It takes complete dedication, a “whatever- it- takes” mindset, and the determination to give our very best effort.  We will give it our all.

We Believe In Creating Positive Change And Doing Great Things.

To do great things, we need to create an environment where change is encouraged. That way we will always find the best solution for the challenges we face. How do we create a climate for change? We will need four elements:

  • TRUST: The more we trust each other, the more we will change.
  • SUCCESS: The more successful Verity Bank becomes, the more we will change.
  • CONFIDENCE: The more confidence that our leaders exhibit, the more we will change.
  • OPENESS: The more open we are about challenges and failures, the more we will change.

Since great things typically require change, we remain open minded to new ways of doing business. We encourage thought processes that are innovative and “out of the box”. Our goal is to improve ourselves, each other and our surroundings so great change can happen!

We Believe And Trust In Each Other.

We believe that everyone on the Verity Bank team is thoughtfully chosen for their specific role and function. We are confident that our unique strengths and talents are carefully considered and measured to ensure a “best fit”. We believe that we are an expert team of bankers with a similar philosophy and code of ethics.

Actions always follow beliefs, therefore when we truly believe in each other our actions will foster an atmosphere of trust. The act of trusting and being trusted is imperative for a team to succeed AND achieve significance.

We believe in sharing and caring. We will seek out opportunities to know and understand each other better. As we grow in appreciation for our differences and special talents, we will grow as a family. The Verity team is a family that believes and trusts in each other and we show it by our beliefs, our words, and our actions.

Lastly, when we partner with a fellow Verity Bank team member, we believe and trust that our Verity partner will go the extra mile to accomplish the task at hand. And when we are asked to complete a task, we are determined to always meet and exceed the expectation of our fellow team member(s). As a team we depend on each other- and we will do everything in our power to not let each other down.

We Believe In Holding Ourselves Accountable.

As leaders in our community we must hold ourselves to the utmost highest level of accountability. A continual evaluation of our individual thoughts and actions is the only way to maintain perspective on our true selves. Our actions and attitude should reflect “What can I do for you?” rather than “What can you do for me?”

We are ambassadors of our bank at all times. We always speak positively in and outside of the workplace. When it is necessary to discuss important feelings and challenges, we always go to someone at the bank that can be a part of the solution… NEVER to someone just to complain.

We believe in not only holding ourselves accountable, but also holding each other accountable. We act as a “Quality Partner” for each other in areas where there may be room for growth and improvement. We embrace self-improvement and we offer positive critique to our fellow co-workers in the spirit of trust, respect and a strong belief in each other.

We don’t believe in passing the buck. Any Verity Bank team member that receives an opportunity to correct a problem or deficiency owns the problem and the solution. Partnering with appropriate Verity team members ensures the success of the solution. We will react quickly to correct problems and we will follow up within the same day to verify that the problem has been resolved. We will do everything we possibly can to never lose a client.

It is very important that we take it upon ourselves to ask questions and seek answers. If we don’t know something we will ASK someone who does. Then we will share our knowledge with the rest of team to help everyone to become better. Also, by understanding the goals of our department, as well as the goals of Verity Bank, we will be able to grow and perform to the best of our abilities.


Special Acknowledgement: The Journey From Success to Significance - John C. Maxwell

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