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Verity Cash Management

Cash Management at Verity Bank puts you in control

Streamline your daily operations. Function on a higher level of capability—and flexibility. And use the information at your fingertips to make better business decisions.

  • Access all your accounts from a central location online.
  • Find out your current balances, view recent and pending transactions, and even set account alerts that will notify you of high and low balances.
  • Move resources by transferring funds between accounts, including non-Verity accounts. You can also initiate wire transfers upon approval.
  • Make payments online.
  • Import current account data into your company’s money management software.
  • You have complete control over who sees your financial information.
  • Print out a variety of reports to help you assess your company’s finances.
  • Get easy on-time payments from ongoing customers with automatic drafts from their accounts.

Credit Card Merchant Services

When your customers pay by credit card, you need a dependable system for ongoing credit transactions.

  • Verity's credit card merchant systems are easy to set up and easy to use for any employee.
  • You can depend on Verity Bank for instruction, answers to your questions and technical support.
  • Verity Bank offers competitive rates, to keep your monthly processing charges manageable.

Verity Bill Pay

Pay your business bills online

Companies who have started paying their bills online say they'd never go back to doing things the old way.

  • Pay vendors, utilities, business services and just about anyone in a fraction of the time, with a few keystrokes, and it's FREE!
  • Month after month, the cost savings over traditional check writing can be considerable.
  • It's easier than you think. Your Verity banker will help you get started, and will be available for questions.
  • Set up recurring expenses to be paid automatically.

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