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President & COO Steven F. Smith announces Verity Bank reaches $65.8 Million in Assets

November 2, 2009

Steven F. Smith, President & COO of Verity Bank, Inc., announced that Verity Bank has reached $65.8 million in total assets in the first 12 months since it’s opening date on October 27th, 2008. “Verity Bank celebrated its one year anniversary on October 27th, and what a year it has been. The economic conditions have been unique and challenging to say the least; however, with challenges come opportunities. We are truly humbled by the way our community has embraced us, and how they have shown their support,” said Mr. Smith.

Mr. Smith further added, “Our balance sheet is strong. Our loans have climbed to $32.5 million and our deposits are at $49.1 million, none of which are brokered deposits. Our growth is ahead of plan which is fueled by our deposit growth and we continue to find good loan opportunities in the current market. We are focused on quality and not quantity of loans.”

Verity Bank, a community bank in Barrow County, opened its doors on Monday, October 27th 2008, after raising $21.7 million in capital. The bank is located at 94 West Athens Street in downtown Winder. Winder staff for Verity Bank include: Chief Executive Officer, John L. Lewis; Executive Vice President, Bronson Lavender, Chief Financial Officer, Brian Hawkins; Sr. Vice President, Christopher M. Hall; Sr. Vice President, Jennie Parr; Sr. Vice President, Karen Raines; Vice President, Pam Queen; Vice President, Donna Hubbard; Vice President, Iris Morales; Asst. Vice President, Christine Willis; Asst. Vice President, Adam Smith; Mortgage Processor, Vickie Stover; Credit Analyst, Katie Mincey; Deposit Operations Assistant, Christine Fisher; Loan Processor, Kristine Nichols; Client Service Specialist, Martha Jane Wall; Head Teller, Vicki Worley, and Teller, Erin Wood.

In closing Mr. Smith stated, “Our success is only possible because of the support and trust from our shareholders and clients- for this we are very thankful. Everyone at Verity Bank is excited about the future. We are determined to not only be successful but to truly make a difference in our community- that is our mission and we look forward to achieving it together.”

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